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Senior Business

A place where you can always be yourself

In 2009, we started to operate the business of serviced residences for senior citizens.

In 2014, we entered the markets of home-visit nursing care service and private nursing homes via Group companies.

To cater to the diversifying needs of senior citizens, we operate the senior business within the group, offering residences which give the residents a sense of freedom and nursing services which provide a sense of security, in an integrated manner.

The Group's business

The Senior Business

Tokyo Tatemono Senior Life Support

Tokyo Tatemono Senior Life Support develops and operates residences for elderly people with service. It also undertakes visiting care and other businesses that offer senior citizens services and living spaces designed to fit different types of lifestyles.


This company operates pay nursing homes in Saitama Prefecture, Adonis Plaza Omiya, Sans Souci Kita-Urawa, and Sans Souci Owada.
By operating pay nursing homes that offer high quality in all aspects, including facilities, location environment, lifestyle support services, and nursing services, the company supports elderly people – both those who don’t need assistance and those who require nursing care – throughout their lives to ensure that they are able to live secure, fulfilling lives.

The Senior Business

Developing and Operating Residences for the Elderly and Providing Nursing Services

Grapes -- Residences for elderly people with service

Grapes Life

We develop the Grapes series, residences for elderly people with nursing service. This series represents a new approach to the elderly lifestyles for a society that is rapidly aging.

Our Project

Grapes Oomorinishi

(Oota-ku, Tokyo)

Residences for elderly people with service

The concierges at Grapes provide basic services including regular visits to elderly residents for safety confirmation and provision of consultations.
A variety of events are held to encourage interactions among residents. The events include calisthenics and classes that are held in the meeting room and other facilities.
24-hour support services
Nursing care services are provided 24 hours a day by a home care services office that was established together with the facility. Medical and care services are also available from partnering medical institutions.