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Brillia provides a refined, comfortable, and peaceful life

Tokyo Tatemono handles the built-for-sale housing business focused on properties sold under the Brillia brand, whose key design concepts are refinement and comfort, and the housing leasing business in which it develops and manages properties for rent such as the flagship “Apartments” series. In addition, companies in the Tokyo Tatemono Group offer a broad range of services related to residences in a bid to free residents from anxiety for many years to come. These services include housing sales, residence management after occupation, after-sale maintenance, repairs, and renovation and brokerage.

The Group's business

The Group's business

The Group's business

Development, Leasing, and After-Sales Services

Tokyo Tatemono

Tokyo Tatemono engages in the development of the Brillia Series condominiums and the housing leasing business that offers residences for elderly people with service; the Grapes Series.
The company also provides after-sales services to owners.

Sales, Management, Operation

Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Sales

Engages in the lease management business on a contract basis for owners of rental condominiums, rental detached residential houses and other properties for lease. Provides comprehensive support for the operation of leased housing, including advertising to attract tenants, the collection of rent from tenants, and the planning and execution of repair work. Also offers contract management of company-run accommodation.

Tokyo Tatemono Amenity Support

The company operates condominium operation services. It also offers a variety of events and services to help residents interact with each other and develop good communities.

E-State Online

The company offers consultations and one-stop services regarding residential sales on internet advertising, website creation, email follow-up and customer management.

Tsunagu Network Communications

The company provides comprehensive IT solution services exclusively for condominiums, including broadband Internet connection services and web application services. It also supports the preparation of disaster prevention plans and the creation of communities.

Repair and Renovation

Tokyo Tatemono Amenity Support

The company implements renovation projects for ensuring and improving usability and durability of properties to suit customer needs.
It also provides maintenance and renewal projects to recover dwelling performance based on long-term repair plans. It, thus, maintains the asset value of buildings for a long time.
The company strives to provide meticulous services, from inspection and diagnosis to their construction and delivery.



Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Sales

The Authorization System of "Brillia" Condominiums is a service to increase the resale value of Brillia condominiums. It is provided through quality inspections by an external expert examination agency at the time of transactions of used Brillia condominiums and the offer of a warranty to purchasers.

Information about Matters Related to Residences

Brillia, Condominiums for a Refined, Comfortable, and Peaceful Life

Making people brilliant

The brand "Brillia" was named after the word "brilliant."
A residence is a stage that continuously supports a customer's life.
Based on this belief, we adopted "Brillia" as the brand name of our residences in 2003. This brand reflects our efforts to provide residences with long-term sophisticated value and residents with ever-lasting peace of mind. Since then, all the knowledge and experience of the company, ranging from product planning, management to after-sales services, renovation and brokerage have been reflected in Brillia.

Bloomoi – A product planning for working women

The employment rate of women is growing, and their lifestyles have diversified. Bloomoi is aimed at disposing commonplace ideas in residence creation and creating spaces that have never existed before.


Product Planning Based on Dialogue

Bloomoi cherishes communication.
We collect information about customer needs via Facebook and group interviews, and we publicize the product development process.

Project Team Consisting Mainly of Women

The majority of members in the product planning project team are female employees from Tokyo Tatemono.

Apartments – High-Class Rental Condominiums

Tokyo Tatemono's Apartments

The Apartments Series are high-quality rental condominiums in the city center of Tokyo.

Sumai no GoodNews – Comprehensive Information about Residences

Sumai no GoodNews

At Sumai no GoodNews, a real estate information website operated by Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd., we provide comprehensive support for real estate transactions.

Redevelopment of Aged Condominiums

Redevelopment of Aged Condominiums

Tokyo Tatemono offers solutions for the redevelopment of aged condominiums based on the community's needs and situations.

Our Projects

Brillia Tower Ikebukuro

Japan's First High-Rise Condominium Integrated with the Main Government Building of Toshima-Ku

(Toshima-ku, Tokyo)

Brillia Tower Ikebukuro represents an integral part of the vertical urban development project. This building houses the new Toshima ward office, commercial facilities, business offices, and private residences. Kengo Kuma, a world-renowned architect, supervised the design of the exterior and common areas. The building creates a highly comfortable environment, and exhibits elements of natural light and greenery in its design motif.

This project, which is integrated with the construction of the new government building for Toshima Ward, meets the highest Class I standard of the Comprehensive Earthquake-Proof Planning Standards for Governmental Facilities stipulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. In addition, the building is equipped with emergency power generators that supply power for 72 hours in an emergency.
The building windows include EcoVeil, an eco-friendly solar shadecloth. As well as the EcoVeil, a large number of solar panels, green leaves, sunshade louvers, and other elements are used to help reduce the environmental impact.

Brillia Tama New Town

Japan's Largest Condominium Redevelopment Project

(Tama-shi, Tokyo)

To pass on assets accumulated through many years, such as a widely preserved forest and a wealth of living infrastructures, to the next generations, we have implemented a new urban development project under the themes of co-existence, eternity, and environment.

We help to develop abundant communities.
A kleingarten (vegetable garden), café, dog run, study room, party room, and other facilities promote interactions among residents.
Other available facilities include homes for the elderly, a clinic, and several parks.
Latest environmental measures
By making effective use of a vast green area of approximately 6900m², we constructed a path for walking and forest bathing.
We also constructed guest houses designed to look like a forest villa.
We have introduced the latest environmental measures for occupied areas , in addition to roof greening for communal buildings and solar panels for residential buildings.