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Management Policy

Corporate Philosophy

Trust beyond the era. We will strive for the growth of the company and the creation of an affluent society, taking pride in our trust that extends over a century. We support affluent and dream-filled living. We aim to create comfortable urban environments. We create worthwhile spaces offering peace of mind.

From the Customer's Perspective

Tokyo Tatemono was established in 1896 by Zenjiro Yasuda, the founder of the former Yasuda Zaibatsu (business conglomerate).
Zenjiro Yasuda's spirit was ''The customer always comes first.'' That is the cornerstone of all our operations.

Long Heritage of Enterprising Spirit

We have made the best use of inventiveness and anticipated emerging trends since our foundation. We were a pioneer in now common practices such as arranged housing loans, shared ownership of office buildings and business commissions as well as fixed-term leases, securitized and small-lot real estate - this enterprising spirit of ours has remained alive even after the passing of a century.

Creation of New Value

We will promptly respond to social changes such as internationalization, the information society, a declining birthrate, an aging population, diversifying demands and increasing environmental awareness, and will provide high quality products, services, and know-how that will satisfy customers' needs and earn their trust. With flexible thinking, a grasp of the future and intensive marketing, we are ready to define new approaches and values for the public as well as the real estate industry.

About the Medium-term Business Plan

Introduction to the Medium-term Business Plan.