Community Involvement

Policy on Community Contribution

There are two policies for area management of Tokyo Tatemono Group that has a policy of "Loving the Community, Becoming Part of the Community." One policy is community building in cooperation with local community of Yaesu, Kyobashi, and Nihonbashi area around the Tokyo Station where our headquarters is located in. Another policy is community building in areas where we operate. We hope to increase the number of visitors through vitalizing the community and increase the allure and value of the community and properties.

In doing so, Tokyo Tatemono Group encourages employees to take initiative in blend in with the community and promoting community building.

Such activities include cleaning and other activities related to the environment, management of public and shared items, events that vitalize the community, development of software such as providing services and community building, anti-crime, and disaster prevention.

Participating in Sanno Festival, One of the Three Major Festivals of Japan

Sanno Festival, an important event in the area where headquarters of Tokyo Tatemono is located in, is counted as one of the three major festival in Japan along with Tenjin Festival in Osaka and Gion Festival in Kyoto. Tokyo Tatemono actively participates in the festival to pass down the traditional culture. Many Group employees participate during the marching of twelve portable shrines through Yaesu, Nihonbashi, and Kyobashi area. The Group employees take part in carrying the portable shrines and boasting the festival with members of local neighborhood association members.

Sanno Festival

Community Building

Health community gives positive effect on maintenance and management of condominiums, in addition to leading to improving value of the asset. Tokyo Tatemono Group makes proposal to management association of condominiums on events for community building and support their management.

Example of events proposed and held

  • Gardening class
  • Tanabata festival and fireworks
  • Summer break homework class
  • Christmas event

Gardening class using shared vegetable garden space

Brillia Shonan Honkugenuma, Community Created in the Heart of Nature

Brillia Shonan Honkugenuma is a condominium built in a landscaped surrounded by mixed woodlands neighboring the Nagakubo Park urban greening botanical garden in Fujisawa. Up until now, we have built a community that utilizes the existing woods through negotiation with land owners based on a history of playing a role as a training site for the boy scouts and a place for the local community.

An approximately 500m² community park that makes up roughly 15% of the land area is used for nature and community building and it is open to the public as a site for activities for the local boy scouts.

In addition, this park acts as a local disaster prevention site with installations such as benches that cab be used as cooking ranges and toilets usable during disasters.

Community park

Educational Support: Holding Eco Machi Jyuku to Learn and Think about Building Ecological City at Tokyo Square Garden

A facility called Kyobashi Environmental Station that promotes low-carbon city is located in the 6th floor of Tokyo Square Garden owned and managed by Tokyo Tatemono.

The Kyobashi Environmental Station holds free multiple-session environmental seminar called Eco Machi Jyuku (Eco Town Seminar). Eco Machi Jyuku is a place for various people such as citizens, corporations to learn and think about building an ecological city. The seminar invites Shigeru Ito, Limited Specially-appointed Professor of Waseda University as head of the seminar along with other experts from various field including architecture, urban development, environment, and economy to hold lectures and panel discussions in a term stretching for one year starting in 2014. In 2016, four sessions and a summary symposium were held with 50 students participating in each session together with students from general public. Tokyo Tatemono plans and participates in the seminar as a corporate member of the host organization, Eco Machi Forum.

Supporting Disabled Sports

Tokyo Tatemono is an official partner of Japan Para-sports Association since August 2015 as part of its social contribution activities. We will actively support para-sports through initiatives to popularize para-sports and take part in realizing the philosophy of para-sport of creating a vibrant coexisting society.

In 2016, we promoted people to watch the events by broadcasting event and competition information inside the Group. Roughly 40 employees attended the competition and reaffirmed their awareness of para-sports by cheering on the athletes.

Moreover, we acquired the naming rights to the Shin-Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium track and field facility to conduct training for both para-athletes and able-bodied athletes together with the completion of the artificial sports leg development laboratory in December 2016. We are striving to grow the popularity of para-sports in the future.


Shin-toyosu Brillia Running Stadium

Participation in Partner’s System of Tanbo as Reconstruction Support After the Great East Japan Earthquake

The Partner’s System of Tanbo is a system to support the Teneimai rice brand from Tenei, Fukushima. Teneimai rice was damaged by harmful rumors following the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant during the Great East Japan Earthquake. This system was established with the hope to connect consumers with the desire to encourage the farmers. The financial investment was used for research in cultivating rice among other things, and the rice that is harvested is the return on investment for the investors. Tokyo Tatemono Group decided to participate thanks to the Hatoriko Highland Regina Forest in Tenei that has been owned until 2016 with the company and approximately 100 employee volunteers taking part.

Employees and their families experience farming such as the rice-planting in spring, cutting weeds in summer, and the harvest in fall while interacting with the local farmers. They are deepening their understanding of Tenei and supporting the reconstruction of Fukushima from Tenei unified as company and individuals.

Participants of harvesting rice

Supporting Patients with Incurable Diseases and Their Families

Apartments Tower Kachidoki rental condominiums owned by Tokyo Tatemono has concepts to both support the raising of children and to co-exist with the community. The building provides facilities such as a certified childcare facility, family house, pediatric clinic, and residence for a generation raising children.

The family house that is operated by the certified NPO Family House is a second home to use as a residence facility for families that travel to urban hospitals from afar to care for their children with intractable diseases such as pediatric cancer.

Tokyo Tatemono is empathetic to this activity and provides a 130m² house free of charge that is equipped with two Japanese-style rooms and a common room in the Apartments Tower Kachidoki close to the National Cancer Center Hospital and St. Luke’s International Hospital.

Common room for two families to spend leisure time