Group Environmental Policy

Tokyo Tatemono Group has formulated the Group Environmental Policy to contribute in building a sustainable society through business activities that consider the environment.

Creating a pleasant city and living with greenery
We will create a rich and comfortable environment for earth and people through utilizing the strength of greenery as much as possible.
with a consideration to biodiversity.
Climate change prevention that leads the community
We will actively implement environmental-friendly technologies and ideas in to our products and services to lead the community in building a low-carbon city.
Resource-saving activity that is kind to the earth
We will strive to reduce use of resources and environmental impact through available opportunities and contribute in creating a recycling-oriented society.
Developing employees with high environmental awareness
We will comply with laws related to environment and educate and raise awareness of our employees about the environment.

Established January 2011

Policy and System to Promote Environmental Activities

Tokyo Tatemono Group has built a management system that match the characteristics of each business, Commercial Properties Business that engage in construction and management of buildings and Development Business that engage in development of Brillia brand and other housings, under the Group Environmental Policy.

Commercial Properties Business

The Building Engineering Department (department to promote office (commercial) buildings in our Commercial Properties Business) promotes the acquisition of ISO 14001 certification, which is an international standard for environmental management, and promotes environmental activities.

Specifically, we set a target of achieving grade A (grade S for large-scale development) or higher for New Construction and Renovation on the CASBEE®* (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency) when developing buildings.

For management of buildings, we comply with the laws concerning energy-saving and ordinances of local governments and also plan and strive to reduce GHG emission with the cooperation of tenants. In addition, we have acquired the Environment/Energy Excellent Architecture Certification Mark and are engaged in energy-saving activities. For renovation of existing buildings, we actively implement energy efficient equipment to reduce environmental impact.

  • *
    CASBEE is a system for comprehensively evaluating the quality of buildings not limiting to just energy-saving or using building materials that have lower environmental impacts but also consideration for comfort of rooms and view. Registered trademark of the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation and are used under the agreement.

Residence Business

In the Residence Business, environmental measures that was implemented in the Tokyo Tatemono Group was systematized and formulated as Environmentally Conscious Housing Guideline in April 2009 to promote consideration toward the environmental and improve the brand value of Brillia. We design individual property base on this guideline and strive to reduce environmental impact. The guideline continues to be revised, according to social changes and technological advancements.

Brillia Environmentally Conscious Housing Guideline sets three concepts as a foundation of all designs. First is about greenery. Second is about energy-saving using highly efficient equipment. Third is about maintenance for the future with participation by residents.

Furthermore, two levels for environmental performance are set to objectively determine the level of environmental consciousness. Each level is evaluated based on the grade of housing performance evaluation system, CASBEE®, and acquisition of Tokyo Apartment Environmental Performance Indication.

Other Businesses

In other businesses and Group companies, business is conducted considering the environment by formulating an environmental guideline for each business based on the Group Environmental Policy.

Highly Evaluated Two Consecutive Years by the World’s Benchmark in Real Estate

Tokyo Tatemono has been highly evaluated by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)*, which is a benchmark to evaluate efforts in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of real estate centers, with the highest honor of the "Green Star" for two consecutive years. We also earned the high praise of "4 stars" (out of 5 stars) in the GRESB Real Estate Rating that provides a comparative assessment based on a comprehensive score that was introduced in 2016.

  • *
    GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark). This is an ESG benchmark that specializes in real estate established through European superannuation funds and other financing.

Activities example

Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification that Certify Environmental and Social Awareness

Currently six properties of office, commercial, and other buildings Tokyo Tatemono own have acquired DBJ Green Building Certification and received high praise.

DBJ Green Building Certification is a system established by the Development Bank of Japan to evaluate initiatives for environmental and social awareness of real estates. The certification is ranked* from One Star to Five Stars based on comprehensive score of five perspectives of environmental performance of building, comfortability of tenants, risk management, consideration for surrounding environment and community, and collaboration with stakeholders.

Tokyo Tatemono will continue to respond to social request related to real estate from the stakeholders, respond to the diversification of tenant's needs, and develop real estate considering the environmental and social impact.

  • *
    Evaluation by rank: Five Stars: building with the top class environmental and social awareness in Japan, Four Stars: buildings with exceptionally high environmental and social awareness, Three Stars: building with excellent environmental and social awareness, Two Stars: building with high environmental and social awareness, and One Star: building with satisfactory environmental and social awareness

Properties certified by DBJ Green Building Certification

Creating New Greenery in Cities

Artificial greenery is required more than preserving natural greenery when designing a certain scale of greenery in office districts that generally have little greenery. The area surrounding Tokyo Station is an office district that bustles with gigantic buildings, but the imperial palace and ocean are close by with many birds and insects migrating to live.

Approximately 3,600m² Otemachi Forest was created in Otemachi Tower completed in April 2014, which makes up roughly one-third of the entire property. We reproduced a richly diverse forest in Otemachi by gathering natural trees from mountains in the Kanto region based on the concept of a real forest. The layout separating the forest and pathway is uniquely different from the greenery of other offices and the site attracts many different types of wildlife.

We also created the Kyobashi Hill as a greenery of approximately 3,000m² that is dynamically linked to the building from the first floor basement to the fifth floor of Tokyo Square Garden which was completed in March 2013.

The greenery at Otemachi Tower and Tokyo Square Garden has been recognized by the Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System (SEGES) third party certification entity that evaluates greenery as space visitors can relax.

Otemachi Forest at Otemachi Tower

Kyobashi Hill at Tokyo Square Garden

Environmental Data

Commercial Properties Business has built an energy management system and engages in reducing environmental impact of office building owned and managed by Tokyo Tatemono.

Amount of usage from April to March of the following year is aggregated every year and value of per unit is calculated taking account the reporting building's floor area and its occupancy rate.

The floor area of reporting building may change depending on the year.