Editorial Policy

The Tokyo Tatemono Group disclosed information related to sustainability for public viewing. In so doing, we fulfill our roll in helping create a sustainable society and communicate related initiatives to our stakeholders. We publish our sustainability-related initiatives, including relevant data, on our corporate sustainability website.

Every year, we publish a sustainability report highlighting our sustainability efforts and an ESG data book, which consists of our sustainability data. These publications are available in PDF format.

This report features topics the Tokyo Tatemono Group considers to be important to society and our customers, ensuring greater stakeholder understanding of our concerns for sustainability. We focus on examples of our most recent efforts in addressing this subject.

Special features in this report address particular programs that we want to convey to our stakeholders.

To ensure the accuracy of information contained in this report, we received assurances from third-party entities regarding historical performance data. We have also provided a GRI standards reference table in this report.

Publication Date

July 2020 (Issued annually. Previous report published in May 2019 and revised in June 2019 for environmental and social data, GRI standards reference table.)

Reporting Period

The period covered by this report addresses our activities in FY2019 (January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019). Some of the information included in this report may be applicable to other fiscal years.
Environmental data corresponds to the period between April and March of the following fiscal year.

Report Scope

This report primarily focuses on activities of Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. However, some sections cover activities across the entire Tokyo Tatemono Group or group companies.
Activities of Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. are referred to as Tokyo Tatemono and activities of the entire group are referred to as the Tokyo Tatemono Group.

Referenced Guidelines

GRI Standards: Referenced items are listed on the content index.

Third-Party Assurance

Tokyo Tatemono underwent a third-party quality assurance evaluation by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited (LRQA) in connection with certain environmental and social data to ensure the integrity of the data within this report.
The type of data and numerical figures subject to this evaluation are indicated with an asterisk.


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