The Use of Human Resources

Human Resource Development

Basic policy on human resource development and ideal human resource

Tokyo Tatemono have revised various systems related to human resource in 2012 for the purpose of strengthening its workplace building that create added value and human resource development, and innovating organizational culture from individual optimization or department optimization to culture having a perspective of optimizing the entire company. As part of the initiative, Human Resource Policy was formulated and used as a foundation of building a human resource development system.

Human Resource Policy
  1. Developing ideal human resource
    Ideal human resource: person that is trusted and that opens new avenue for the future
  2. Realization of a satisfying working place where employees can feel their growth

Human Resource Development System

The first five years after joining the company is set as development period for new graduate recruits and are assigned to departments (including dispatching to Group companies) that have point of contact with the customers. A five-year collective training program that includes basic business training (logical thinking, presentation, etc.) is implemented to focus on developing young employees.

Furthermore, for the purpose of experiencing and gaining wider knowledge required for employee of a comprehensive real estate company, human resources are rotated around to experience about three departments in the ten years after joining the company for new graduate recruits.

To strengthen the OJT development cycle at workplace, training for managers which are the instructors and counseling system for new recruits are implemented. The operation status these initiatives are monitored through each employee of the Human Resource Department and regular interviews.

We are planning to enhance the training for mid- and higher level employees through volunteer type internal training and external dispatch training.

Training for managers includes training to enhance daily line management such as training for evaluators and mental health and line care training, in addition to dispatching to external training agencies to enhance their strategic perspective and management capabilities.

Furthermore, we support learning English and Chinese and dispatching for overseas training considering future global expansion.