Corporate Philosophy and CSR

As a comprehensive real estate company, it has been the goal of Tokyo Tatemono since its establishment in 1896 to create a rich and comfortable urban environment. Boasting more than a century’s worth of confidence, as a member of society we aim to realize a sustainable society and improve our corporate value by finding solutions to various social issues.

Trust beyond the era.
We will strive for the growth of the company and
the creation of an affluent society.
taking pride in our trust that extends over a century.
Corporate Stance
We support affluent and dream-filled living.
We aim to create comfortable urban environments.
We create worthwhile spaces offering peace of mind.

CSR Philosophy

CSR of Tokyo Tatemono Group is to realize city building that contributes to the future of the city based on corporate philosophy and corporate stance. In doing so, we promote CSR activities with the four themes of "Safety and Security," "Environment," "Responding to Social Changes" and "Community Involvement."

Image of Tokyo Tatemono Group’s CSR