Sustainability Promotion Framework

Overview of Sustainability Management at Tokyo Tatemono

The Tokyo Tatemono Group engages actively in sustainability measures, taking an evolved approach to ESG management. Our objective is to raise our corporate value and social value to a new level.
Changes in the business environment are happening at a faster pace in recent years, while ESG management is growing ever-more important. To achieve sustained growth beyond the year 2020 in this environment, the group has come together under a Long-Term Vision and established a sustainability promotion framework.
Our Long-Term Vision covers the period from our current large-scale redevelopment projects to the year 2030, in which the completion of these projects overlaps our targets for SDGs.
The Tokyo Tatemono Group aims to help solve social problems and achieve sustained growth and greater value as an enterprise.

Focus Factors in the External Environment

  • Intensified competition between cities internationally
  • Changes in the financial environment
  • Decrease in population and working-age citizens in Japan
  • Diversification of work styles and lifestyles
  • Intensification of competition to recruit human resources
  • Acceleration of digital technology advances and globalization
  • Rising ESG awareness
  • Greater geopolitical risks and natural disaster risks

Approach to Long-Term Vision

Long-Term Vision

Becoming a Next-Generation Developer

We live in a time of profound change.
We are experiencing shifting demographics, growing diversity among personal values, ever-accelerating
technological development, and more.
Amidst these uncertainties, a broad range of challenges to achieving social sustainability have emerged.
The Tokyo Tatemono Group understands that the role of
developers must also change in fundamental ways.
We are committed to using our business to offer better solutions to society’s problems and
bring our own growth as an enterprise to a higher level.
By doing so, we aim to be a good company for all our stakeholders.

Sustainability Promotion Framework

Tokyo Tatemono established the Sustainability Committee, chaired by our president and CEO, to pursue ESG management across the entire Group.
The Sustainability Committee, like the Group Management Meeting and Internal Control Committee, is under the direct control of the president. The Sustainability secretariat, which is the Sustainability Promotion Group in the Corporate Communications Department, advances sustainability measures by working with business units to set ESG targets, monitor progress, and evaluate our achievements.

Sustainability Promotion Framework

Stakeholder Engagement

The Tokyo Tatemono Group identifies and actively communicates with stakeholders who are also involved in the great impact we have on society as a developer.
We are committed to creating new value and pursuing urban development that contributes to the future of community development by listening to our stakeholders.

Stance On and Approach to Dialogue With Our Core Stakeholders

Stakeholders Stance on Dialogue Approach to Dialogue
(building tenants, home buyers, users of services)
We established various systems to incorporate customer feedback in our business activities. We use these systems to provide valuable products and services that offer safety and peace of mind, while improving customer satisfaction continuously
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Brillia Owners Hotline
    (contact for home buyers)
  • Various questionnaires
  • Online inquiry forms
Local community
(local community around properties, local governments, etc.)
We work to increase local value and contribute to the local community through efforts that include community development, community revitalization, and various community activities.
  • Dialogue with local residents and government bodies in the planning, development, and management of properties
  • Volunteer activities, including clean-ups activities
  • Participation in local events and festivals
  • Support for education and the arts
  • Disaster reconstruction support
Employees We work to create a satisfying workplace in which employees can experience personal growth. We strive to develop human resources who are trusted and capable of building the future.
  • Various training and reward systems
  • Regular personnel interviews
  • Dialogue with labor unions and co-hosting of events
  • Individual consultation on child-rearing and nursing care support, etc.
Shareholders and investors We aim to build long-term fiduciary relationships with our shareholders and investors and earn appropriate recognition through sincere and fair information disclosure and active communication.
  • IR information on our corporate website
  • General meeting of shareholders
  • Seminars for private investors
  • IR meetings (Japan/overseas)
(business operators related to planning, development, and property management, and service provision, etc.)
We conduct fair and equal business dealings with our partners and strive for close communications to build even better relationships with these partners.
  • Verification of second- and third-tier subcontractors
  • Verification via internal check sheet
  • Regular meetings