Safety and Security

Quality in Commercial Properties Business

Tokyo Tatemono Group is promoting Commercial Properties Business under our motto of Human Building—People are always in the middle to ensure customers to feel safe, secure, and comfort. Not only the pursuit for safety and comfortability of building is important, but responding with software aspect is also important to offer sense of security and comfort. Specifically, the following four activities are carried out as axes to improve quality and customer satisfaction in Commercial Properties Business.

(1) 3CS (Thanks) Activities to solve troubles at an early stage
Make temporary response within 30 minutes, report to the customer within three hours, and solve or propose improvement within three days after a problem occur. In addition, outcome is managed by achievement rate and incidents that have low achievement rate are analyzed.
(2) Improvement based on customer satisfaction survey
Conduct customer satisfaction survey targeting tenants on office space environment and local staff. Strive to maintain service quality of software aspect and also to finding and responding to requests and claims of tenants at an early stage.
(3) Active improvement through commendation system
The Human Building Competition is held once a year with the participation of all the companies engaged in the Commercial Properties Business at the Tokyo Tatemono Group to commend superb examples. By sharing favorable examples and promoting interaction between human resources related to buildings, we stimulate on-site and make improvements to facilitate greater safety, security and comfort for customers.
(4) Regular improvement through implementing PDCA
Regular meeting held once a month between Tokyo Tatemono and Group companies engaged in Commercial Properties Business. Regular meeting per office building level and area level are also held to improve organizational coordination between each site with PDCA cycle in mind.

Quality in Residential Development Business

The brand identity of Brillia is refinement and comfort. Along with formulating a design guideline that enable refinement, we have built a strict quality standard and management system to prove comfort.

Acquisition of International Quality Standard ISO 9001 Certification

Brillia has acquired international standard for the quality management system ISO 90001 in each field of condominium business from planning of condominiums, construction, aftercare service, to management. Quality is check at each stage based on set rules and a system is built to inform the customers appropriately.

Utilization of Housing Performance Indication System

Housing Performance Indication System is a system for evaluating and indicating the quality of the housing with common scale. Fair and objective evaluation based on Housing Quality Assurance Act is made by a third party agency registered to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation. Tokyo Tatemono Group is proactively utilizing the Housing Performance Indication System to acquire certain performance level.

Quality checklist with approximately 1,000 items

Regulations on construction, structure, equipment, etc. are set and utilized as a checklist. This list is updated every year based on feedback about its operation from each property that passed through feedback meeting held six times a year by Aftercare Services Business and Quality Management Analysis Meeting.

Double check until construction

Two quality checks, Prior Quality Discussion and Quality Discussion are conducted before the actual construction. Management company, design company, and construction company exchange their opinion to improve quality.

Various inspections

Structural inspections such as on-site inspection with test pile, bar arrangement inspection of concretes, and building frame inspections and equipment test are conducted in detail at each stage by personnel with expert knowledge.

Reporting to customers

We report the status during construction at all times to customers who purchased a condominium to provide sense of comfort. Status during construction can be viewed on building report and construction report on the Web. We provide opportunities to provide "comfort after residing" even before actually living in the housing through Construction Site Tour to see the structure of the building, Housing Preview to see the housing before moving in, and seminar on management before moving in to explain terms of management.

After-sales Service

We provide service after the completion of condominiums including long-term inspection, correspondence phone service "Brillia Owner's Dial" to support customer’s everyday life, and authorization system of used condominiums that provide guaranteed quality at sales.

Security and Disaster Prevention Quality

Brillia is designs and selects equipment following its own security guidelines, implementing high-level of security measures. In addition, we have established a comprehensive disaster prevention measure through "Brillia Disaster Prevention Guideline," which is based on the three concepts of preparation, protection, and cooperation.

Activities example

Brillia Construction Site Tour

Brillia believes that providing information to customers leads to comfort and holds Construction Site Tour. The tour guided by on-site staff explains about construction and enable customers to see each stage of construction which cannot be seen after completion. We have received feedback from customers such as "It was easy to understand as specific examples were given without using technical terms."

On-site tour of framework and concrete surface

Implementing Brillia Disaster Prevention Guideline to All Brillia

Brillia original disaster prevention backpack

With the concept of "Triple Safety: Preparation, Protection, and Cooperation," Brillia Disaster Prevention Guideline that stipulates various disaster prevention and mitigation through Hardware (disaster prevention and mitigation method for condominiums) and Software (increasing disaster prevention awareness of residents, self-help and mutual help) aspects, was implemented to all Brillia brand housing. As safety measures during ordinary times, disaster prevention manual unique to each property is created, disaster prevention seminars are held, evacuation drills, and life-saving lectures are given to management staff.

As measures for earthquake resistance and disaster mitigation during disaster, wall base for preventing furniture from falling and earthquake resistant front doors are used for occupied areas, and footlights during blackouts and AEDs are available as standard equipment for communal areas to ensure safety in multiple ways.

As measures for evacuation and mutual help, Brillia original chair type disaster backpack that contains flashlight, portable radio, etc. are equipped at each residence to help one another as a community during disaster. Further, storage for stocking goods such as water purification device, manhole toilet, and other disaster goods is available in the shared area. The guideline has received Good Design Award in the Service Design Category in 2011 for its daily awareness raising for disaster prevention and improving awareness between residents being highly evaluated.