Responding to Social Change

Supporting Women to Take Active Role

Trend of number of working women is on the raise and their lifestyle and concept of happiness have diversified along with housing needs. Tokyo Tatemono Group has carefully researched the insights of working women and established the Brillia Bloomoi Project. The project aim to consider and promote the realization of housing that responds to the diversified needs.

Project Bloomoi: Thinking About Housing that Bring More Happiness to Working Women

Bloomoi is a coined term consisting from "bloom" and French word "moi," meaning "me" in English. As the term suggests, the purpose of the project is to offer housing where working women can live in their own style with a smile and enable their talents to bloom.

The project team consists mainly from female employees under the concept of sympathy, dialogue, and co-creation. We have utilized vast number of opinions from women working in society using various means including questionnaire surveys, events, and Facebook.

One such means was a program called Bloomoi Mates which we discussed about an ideal housing for about one year with ten working women invited publicly. A life-size ideal living and dining was made and displayed as conclusion of the program.

Ideas gather from these initiatives include vast aspects such as room layout, facility, management and after-sales service. As an example, a conservatory using space around window in the living room and a large storage compartment that can be directly be access from the entrance was introduce in Brillia Nihonbashi Mitsukoshimae.

Bloomoi is managed by female employees of Tokyo Tatemono

Declining Birthrate and Growing Proportion of Elderly People

The birthrate is declining and portion of elderly people has been growing in recent years in Japan. It is expected that more than 30% of the total population will be over 65 years of age in 2025. Amid this situation, how final housing or nursing care and medical services should be are important social issues.

Tokyo Tatemono Group places Senior Business as the third pillar of business next to Commercial Properties Business and Residential Development Business. With the Tokyo Tatemono Senior Life Support Co., Ltd. at the center, we aim to offer a rich life through integrating housing and service by providing housing service for the elderly and nursing care.

Creating an Environment that Enable Being Yourself through Housing and Services

Grapes series, housing with nursing services for the elderly operated by Tokyo Tatemono Senior Life Support Co., Ltd. implements barrier-free on top of high quality cultivated in Brillia and other numerous development of housing. Height of switches, material that are easy to clean, and other environment that are easy to handle by the elderly is prepared.

We offer properties with various types of room layout from one room regularly seen in many housing for elderly to 2LDK (2 bedrooms, dining room, and kitchen), enabling to each resident to living in way they desire.

Concierge is stationed during the day, coordinating with nursing care business operator and medical agency to propose support that best match each resident. We are able to respond to change in resident's health conditions even if it may require higher level of nursing care.

Grapes Tsujido Nishikaigan provides medical and nursing services for elderly as a business linked to the local community

Aging Condominium and Community Revitalization

Condominiums built all over Japan that supported the rapid growth after the World War II have aged in are in need of reconstruction. In addition to aging of the building, residents of condominiums which were full of childrearing families has aging and declining in number. Solitary death is raised a social issue and revitalization of a community that brings the resident together is a necessity.

Tokyo Tatemono Group places long-term reconstruction and focus on redevelopment business as an important strategy of the Residential Development Business in the mid-term management plan. We will contribute in revitalizing the local community through renewing existing stock of condominiums and building and creating new values that match the coming generation at the same time.

Initiatives in Brillia Tama New Town Condominium Redevelopment

Brillia Tama New Town, completed in October 2013, is a community that was brought to new life after the history of approximately 40 years as Tama New Town Suwa 2-chome Housing through the reconstruction business.

Tokyo Tatemono was selected as the business collaborator of the project in 2007. Since then, we have worked on the project for eight years in cooperation with right holder and related parties.

The 640 housing units in 23 buildings before the reconstruction changed to 1,249 housing units in 7 buildings. The sales of the housing units of Brillia Tama New Town attracted attention for its social significance for being one of Japan's largest reconstruction projects and revitalization of historical rich Tama New Town, bringing steady results.

The ratio of age composition before the reconstruction was weighted towards elderly but age composition became slightly younger as about 70% of those that newly purchased the housing unit were between the age group of 20s to 40s. On the other hand, as most of the former residents reoccupied the housing, a multi-generation community consisting from resident from wider generations live compared to other typical suburban condominiums.

Preserving existing greenery

Establishing a Childcare Environment

In recent years, an issue of children on waiting lists for nursery school is occurring due to the lack of childcare facilities caused by a concentrated population and an increasing number of double-income families in urban areas. Tokyo Tatemono Group is working to newly expand the childcare business and to establish a childcare environment for households raising children and for the children of our future. We opened three nursery schools in 2017.