Child Care

Building communities and human for the future of children

In light of mounting needs for child care services such as the increase of children on waiting lists becoming a social problem, we entered the business of child care in 2016 to support the balancing of work and child care for working women and double income families, which are on the rise. We intend to develop the business exerting synergy with Tokyo Tatemono Group's existing business fields.


Nurture abilities to live fully

We aim to provide child care focusing on children in which we try to understand/sympathize with the present situation of each child, respect his/her independence and offer support. In order to nurture abilities to live fully, we will develop an environment to support child care and child-rearing together with communities and contribute to creating a society where children can have hopes for the future.

Business Activities

Opening and Operation of Daycare Centers

Tokyo Tatemono Kids Co., Ltd.

Under the philosophy of "building communities through child care," we launched and operate Ohayo Child Care.

Our Projects

  • Ohayo Child Care Kameido
  • Ohayo Child Care Minami Sunamachi
  • Ohayo Child Care Nishi Sugamo
  • Ohayo Child Care Sinamachi
  • Ohayo Child Care Omoricho
  • Ohayo Child Care Mitsuzawa Shimocho
  • Ohayo Child Care Yokohama Negishi
  • Ohayo Child Care Hanasakicho
  • Ohayo Child Care Machinoma Omori
  • (Small-Scale Day Care Center)Ohayo Child Care Oyamanishicho
  • Ohayo Child Care Kiyosumi Shirakawa
  • Ohayo Child Care Sekimachi Minami
  • Ohayo Child Care Umeyashiki
  • Ohayo Child Care Nonoaoyama
  • Ohayo Child Care Higashi Nakano
  • Ohayo Child Care Ariake