Live a unique life with residences offering freedom and safe nursing care services

With the impending aging of society, Tokyo Tatemono Group engaged itself in the business of residences for elderly people with service starting in 2009.
Following this, the Group also entered businesses for visiting care services and private nursing homes. We are developing businesses to respond to the diversifying needs of the elderly and to support the unique lives of people.


A place where you can always be yourself

Tokyo Tatemono Group is providing care services emphasizing uniqueness at residences for elderly people with service as well as nursing care facilities where people live together, and aims to support the unique life of each person into the future. Tokyo Tatemono Group's unique services are provided by not only enriching high-quality assets and buildings accumulated in the residence business but also services such as nursing care and medical services, activity events, harmonious ties with communities, etc.

Business Activities

Development and Operation of Residences for Elderly People with Service and Provision of Nursing Care Services

Tokyo Tatemono Senior Life Support Co., Ltd.

Residences for elderly people with service, "Grapes"


Grapes, a residence for elderly people with service, provides a high-quality life with both buildings and services by utilizing know-how on residences accumulated through the condominium brand "Brillia," under the concept of "living a unique life "and realizing both "freedom in life" and "safety through the collaboration of nursing care and medical services."

Development and Operation of Private Nursing Homes

Seiaien Co., Ltd.

Residential-type private nursing home, "Adonis Plaza"

Adonis Plaza is a residential-type private nursing home for independent individuals, providing services enabling the elderly to live safely for a long time with enriched facility specifications.

Seiaien Co., Ltd.

Private nursing homes with nursing care services, "Sans Souci" and "Grapes With"

Sans Souci and Grapes With are private nursing homes with nursing care services, providing services such as visiting care by cooperating medical institutions, a 24-hour medical cooperation system and rehabilitation training by qualified personnel to those requiring nursing care.

Our Projects

Grapes Tateishi (Residence for elderly people with service)

Providing a safe life with two living spaces

Grapes Tateishi newly established a "care floor" providing more cordial care in addition to the "residential floor" providing concierge services, allowing residents choice of lifestyle based on their condition. In addition, senior day care services are offered for both neighboring residents and Grape Tateishi residents.

Jointly established daycare service, Grapes Tateishi

  • Half-day and full-day care program available upon request
  • This program offers the latest in rehabilitation therapy, including preventative care programs developed by Waseda University Research Institute for Elderly Health.

Grapes Tsujido Nishi-Kaigan (Residence for elderly people with service)

Model case of CCRC targeted by Tokyo Tatemono Group

Grapes Tsujido Nishi-Kaigan aims to develop an environment where residents can easily mix and create new connections with local communities. The participation in activities and events with neighboring residents and communities, interaction with adjacent daycare centers and cooperation with neighboring medical institutions and commercial facilities will lead to urban developments as a CCRC targeted by Tokyo Tatemono Group.

*CCRC: Continuing Care Retirement Community

CCRC targeted by Tokyo Tatemono Group

  1. A community where healthy and active elderly can reside
  2. A community where people can continue to reside even when they need nursing care
  3. Interactions with local (multi-generation) communities and a cooperation system with local medical institutions
  4. Having a residence where you can always be yourself