Commercial Facilities

Regionally-oriented and long-loved facility development

Tokyo Tatemono is engaged in the business of development and management of various commercial facilities where regional characteristics and the experience of customers are mixed. Various facilities such as suburban-type facilities centering on urban-type commercial facilities in several areas are being developed in line with locational conditions and regional needs. In addition, Tokyo Tatemono is also engaged in business of developing urban-type hotels.


Shaping unique enjoyment in line with regional attractiveness and needs

Tokyo Tatemono aims to establish commercial facilities that are "beloved landmarks," created by delving deep into producing non-replicable attractiveness and assets as well as by combining and embodying appropriate designs, facilities and tenants. Tokyo Tatemono emphasizes future-oriented facility development that also contributes to the revitalization of the entire area by enabling people working and living in the surrounding area to rediscover the attractiveness of the town.

Selected Stories


Urban-type compact commercial facility "FUNDES" is a series to develop unique enjoyment. The name "FUNDES" has two meanings which are "FAN" (becoming a fan and supporter of each town) and "FUN"(aiming to establish a facility full of enjoyment). In addition, "FUND" also means discovery in German. "FUNDES" is read as "fan desu" in Japanese and aims to provide new enjoyment and discovery to users and let them feel that they are a true "fan of the town."

Business Activities

Planning and Development

Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Tatemono is conducting planning and development of commercial facilities and urban-type hotels

Operation and Management


Tokyo Tatemono is conducting property management, consulting, sales promotion business, etc. in commercial facilities

Our Projects

Commercial Facilities in Office Buildings


An underground commercial facility in Otemachi Tower, a new landmark in Otemachi. It is well known as a valuable spot for relaxation in the surrounding area that can easily be used and accessed by women. (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo)

Nakano Central Park

A commercial area in Nakano Central Park created through the integrated development of offices, the adjacent university and park. Unique shops offering to enrich lifestyles stand in the green space with an area of approximately 3 hectares. (Nakano Ward Tokyo)

Tokyo Square Garden

A large-scale, mixed-use building boasting the largest standard floor area among buildings in the Tokyo Station area and high environmental performance. A flagship store of an outdoor brand, "mont-bell," and approximately 30 restaurants including the first store in Japan concentrate in the commercial zone. (Chuo Ward, Tokyo)

Yaenaka Dining

A commercial zone on the 1st and 2nd basement floors of the office building, Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu Building. An alley space that brings to mind the townscape of Yaesu and a bustling atmosphere in the area including the surrounding areas is created. (Chuo Ward Tokyo)

Large-scale Commercial Facilities


The largest shopping center in Northern Kanto with about 170 shops and a cinema complex with 10 screens. Various promotions as part of a community-based SC are being developed. (Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture)


A large-scale commercial facility created by gathering popular stores where customers can see, eat and enjoy various things such as TOHO CINEMAS Kawasaki and TOKYU HANDS at a prime location in front of Kawasaki Station. (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Urban Compact Commercial Facilities


The series of urban-type compact commercial facilities "FUNDES" provides convenience and enjoyment from the viewpoints of "food" and "entertainment" as a community-based facility in line with the needs of office workers and residents in the surrounding area.


Urban hotels

The development of urban-type hotels is advancing following the growing recent demand for hotels. Our first hotel was opened in the central part of the internationally renowned Roppongi area in October 2017. We are also working on the projects around Ginza and Asakusa in Tokyo, also in Kyoto and Osaka and many more.