Main Financial Indicators(Japanese Accounting Standards)

Total Assets, Equity Capital, Equity Capital Ratio

Total Assets Equity Capital Equity Capital Ratio

Interest-bearing Debt

Debt/Equity Ratio

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    Debt/Equity Ratio = consolidated interest-bearing debt / consolidated equity capital

Interest-bearing Debt/EBITDA Multiple

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    Interest-bearing debt / EBITDA multiple = consolidated interest-bearing debt / (consolidated operating income + consolidated interest & dividend income + gain on equity-method investments + consolidated depreciation expense + consolidated goodwill amortization expense)


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    ROE=profit attributable to owners of the parent / equity capital (the average of the start and end of the fiscal year)


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    ROA=(operating profit + share of profit(loss) of entities accounted for using equity method) / total assets (the average of the start and end of the fiscal year)

Consolidated EPS (Profit per share)

Consolidated BPS (Net assets per share)

Dividend Status (Annual dividend per share)

Payout Ratio