Tokyo Tatemono Group Anti-bribery Policy

1. Prohibition of bribery

Tokyo Tatemono Group does not tolerate bribery. In this policy, bribery refers to conduct that directly or indirectly provides, offers or promises money or any other tangible or intangible benefits to domestic or foreign public officials or persons, etc. equivalent thereto ("Public Officials, etc.") for the purpose of gaining inappropriate benefits in business.

2. Compliance with related laws and regulations

Tokyo Tatemono Group conducts business activities in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations ("Relevant Laws and Regulations") of each country where it operates to prevent bribery of Public Officials, etc.

3. Promotion of education

Tokyo Tatemono Group provides education and training to its executives and employees ("Executives and Employees") to ensure that this policy is appropriately implemented in its business activities.

4. Management of payment records

In the cases where Executives and Employees provide entertainment, gifts, or other economic benefits to Public Officials, etc., Tokyo Tatemono Group will appropriately record all such matters in compliance with the Relevant Laws and Regulations and internal rules, etc.

5. Handling of violation

Tokyo Tatemono Group takes strict action against Executives and Employees who violate the Relevant Laws and Regulations or this policy based on its internal rules, etc.

6. Revision

Tokyo Tatemono Group will promptly revise this policy when necessary to comply with the Relevant Laws and Regulations.

Established on July 1, 2020

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