Office Buildings

Future-oriented community building responding to trust

Tokyo Tatemono engages in urban development and development/management of commercial properties, mainly in cosmopolitan Tokyo with an aim to contribute to the future of cities. The Tokyo Tatemono Group provides a wide array of property management services including operation, management, and renovation of buildings.


Our aim is to provide customers with the safety, security and comfort that instills the feeling of "This is my building."

The Tokyo Tatemono Group strives for improving the quality of its products and services in developing office buildings that provide all of its customers, including tenants, workers and visitors to buildings, with the safety, security and comfort that instills the feeling of "This is my building."

Selected Stories

Hareza Ikebukuro, the new symbol of the an international city of art and culture in Toshima Ward

Hareza Ikebukuro, under construction on the site of the former Toshima ward office and Toshima public hall in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, is one of the largest development projects in the Ikebukuro area, integrating an office building standing 158 meters tall and with 33 floors above ground together with 8 theater spaces such as a large-scale cinema complex. We generating a new bustling atmosphere for Ikebukuro.

Membership-Based Share Offices

Membership-based share office "+OURS" offering serviced offices and co-working space. Responding to the needs of various work styles and new encounters, we have worked to create workplaces where people can feel, "This is our place."

Share Office for Startups

xBridge-Tokyo is a shared office for startups in their early stages of business. We have formed a community of people and companies with various knowledge and connections. We are working on continuous business creation and growth support for startups.

Business Activities

Planning, Development, Leasing and Management

Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Tatemono engages in urban development and development/management of commercial properties.

Management and Maintenance

Tokyo Fudosan Kanri Co., Ltd.

In addition to general maintenance at office buildings, commercial facilities, etc., the company conducts a broad range of operations for maintaining and improving buildings such as renovations and updating of building facilities/equipment.


Tokyo Building Service Co., Ltd.

The company provides general cleaning services including daily cleaning, periodical cleaning and special cleaning.

Our Projects

Otemachi Tower (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo)

Creating a genuine forest in Otemachi.

A new landmark in Otemachi, the building is a high-rise complex located in Otemachi 1-chome; a district for urgent urban renaissance defined in the Act on Special Measures Concerning Urban Renaissance.

Otemachi Forest

A genuine forest was recreated in an authentic manner, based on a wide range of verifications.
An unprecedented development with various elements such as cool spot effect, countermeasures against urban flooding, and contributions to biodiversity.


Targeting primarily female workers in Otemachi, a commercial zone comprised mainly of shops that are convenient and easy to drop by for women.

Tokyo Square Garden (Chuo Ward, Tokyo)

One of the most environmentally considered buildings in Japan.

Located near Tokyo Station and directly connected with Tokyo Metro Kyobashi Station. Access to 5 stations and 24 railway lines is available. The building boasts one of the largest floor areas among buildings near Tokyo Station and has superior environmental performance.

Kyobashi no Oka (Kyobashi Hill)

The approximately 30 meter-tall Kyobashi no Oka that stretches across a landscape as large as approximately 3,000 square meters is a place of relaxation in an area where little green space exists. It helps lower the temperature of the city center and is also part of the Green Road Network and Kaze no Michi projects initiated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Business Support Facilities

The building includes business support facilities that are appropriate for cosmopolitan Tokyo. These include a large convention hall, a medical facility with services available in English, and a facility to support child care.

Nakano Central Park (Nakano Ward, Tokyo)

The stage for a new working style, surrounded by a vast area of green.

Nakano Central Park was developed in a large, approximately 16.8 hectare redevelopment area located near North Exit of Nakano Station.

Providing a new working style

A new working style that uses green open spaces for business and communications is offered here. At the green open space totaling approximately 3 hectares, including Nakano-Shikinomori Park and Park Avenue, outdoor meetings and lunch meetings as well as other various events can be held using Wireless LAN and outdoor decks.

Support for business continuity of tenants

The building boasts high seismic capacity and uses a three-circuit spot network for receiving electricity. In addition, the building has dedicated facilities for supporting the business continuity of its tenants, including a space for installing emergency power generators, disaster stockpile storage, outlets and toilets to be used during disasters.