Since our founding, Tokyo Tatemono has been actively pursuing various pioneering initiatives as a trailblazer in the modern-day real estate industry, by carrying on our founder Zenjiro Yasuda's principles of "The customer always comes first" and with an "Enterprising Spirit" through which we anticipate the trends of the times. More than one hundred years after our foundation, these spirits still exist as the origin of Tokyo Tatemono, and are linked to the strengths of the Tokyo Tatemono Group.

Ingenuity and Problem-solving Ability to Meet the Needs of Customers and Society

At Tokyo Tatemono, we listen to the needs of our customers, society, and local communities in order to sincerely address their problems and refine our proposals.

Nakano Central Park (completed in 2012) proposes new work styles, surrounded by a vast area of greenery.

Brillia Tama New Town (completed in 2013) is Japan's largest class condominium redevelopment project.

Otemachi Tower (completed in 2014) is realizing an urban and nature renaissance, with the Otemachi Forest covering around 3,600 m².

Corporate Culture Able to Read the Times and Take on New Challenges

Maintaining an enterprising spirit that stays ahead of the times is one of our guiding principles. Reflecting this principle, we have successfully promoted various industry firsts.

Hareza Tower (certified in 2019) is the first project to obtain ZEB Ready certification for a super-high-rise mixed-use building in Japan.

Brillia Seiseki Sakuragaoka BLOOMING RESIDENCE was selected as Tokyo's first super high-rise ZEH-M project.

In 2022, we started self-consignment for the effective use of renewable energy using the T-LOGI series of environmentally friendly logistics facilities.

Accumulated Trust, Track Record of Accomplishments, and Expertise

We work in collaboration with local residents and governments to carry out many redevelopment and reconstruction projects and leverage our accumulated trust, track record of accomplishments, and expertise to tackle new projects.

Kasumigaseki Common Gate (completed in 2007) introduced PFI for the first time in the urban development field.

Brillia Tower Ikebukuro (completed in 2015) is Japan's first super-high-rise condominium integrated with local ward government building.

Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project for Yaesu 1-Chome East Area in front of Tokyo Station (District A and B) is a large-scale redevelopment project in front of Tokyo.

Businesses of the Tokyo Tatemono Group

The Tokyo Tatemono Group provides customers with an "amazing value of experience" through a variety of projects that closely follow people throughout their lives, by leveraging the strengths and originality we have developed from over 125 years of achievements and expertise in urban development and our other businesses.


We provide spaces, places, and opportunities in towns and cities that will support and shape their future, and that encourage sustainable business and exchanges at office buildings, logistics facilities, and innovation bases, with a constant focus on the people who work and gather there.


We provide spaces, places, and opportunities that will accompany people in their daily lives and support diverse and abundant lifestyles at residences and retail facilities, hotels, leisure facilities, and parking lots.

Practical Use

Leveraging over 125 years of extensive experience and achievements, we provide the expertise and opportunities to maximize asset value and effectively use real estate for the future.

Long-term Vision of the Tokyo Tatemono Group

Long-term Vision

Becoming a Next-Generation Developer

In an era full of uncertainty and rapid change in terms of demographics, diverse values, accelerating technological progress, and more, various issues have emerged on the path to creating a sustainable society.

The Tokyo Tatemono Group recognizes that the role developers play must also change significantly.
The group's aim is to be a good company for stakeholders by leveraging its businesses to solve social issues and achieve higher levels of growth as a company.

Steady Profit Growth

Target for 2030:
Consolidated business profit*:
¥120.0 billion

Helping Solve a Variety of Social Issues

Contributing to the SDGs


* Consolidated business profit = consolidated operating profit + share of profit (loss) of entities accounted for using equity method. To capture the growth of overseas businesses, we have defined business profit as a target profit indicator. Business profit is the sum of operating profit and share of profit (loss) of entities accounted for using equity method.

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