Overseas Business

Participating in several projects mainly in Asia
by utilizing abundant know-how

The history of Tokyo Tatemono Group's overseas development stretches back to its earliest years. It started when we launched a business in Tianjin, China at the beginning of the twentieth century. A century later, we established local entities in Shanghai and Singapore and are now progressing businesses for consulting and development primarily in China and ASEAN countries by utilizing our own know-how.

Business Activities


Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Tatemono promotes surveys on overseas businesses including China, management and real estate development.

Tokyo Tatemono Asia Pte. Ltd.

Tokyo Tatemono Asia promotes information collection and real estate development in ASEAN countries.


Tokyo Tatemono (Shanghai) Real Estate Consulting Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Consulting provides consulting services for real estate development in China, including several projects in which Tokyo Tatemono and Vanke, the largest real estate developer in China, participate.

Selected Stories

Xuzhou Project (scheduled to be completed from 2022 to 2023)

The Xuzhou Project is a mixed-use development project composed of approximately 1,800 condominium units, SOHO, commercial properties, etc. in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. It is adjacent to a subway station and a large commercial facility and is situated in a location with extremely high living convenience.

Singapore CPF Building Redevelopment Project in
(completed in 2020)

The Singapore CPF Building Redevelopment Project is a redevelopment project to construct a Grade A office building in the central business district of Singapore together with Ascendas-Singbridge Group, the largest government-affiliated real estate development business in Singapore, and Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

Our Projects

Shenyang Tomorrow Square Project
(completed from 2013 to 2018)

The Shenyang Tomorrow Square Project is a complex development project comprising condominiums, commercial facilities and office buildings in Liaoning, China. It is a large-scale development project with a supply of more than 5,800 condominium units.

Tianjin Binhai Project
(completed from 2012 to 2015)

The Tianjin Binhai Project was a residential development project in the Economic & Technological Development Zone in Tianjin where administrative facilities and offices concentrate.

History of overseas business


Expands to six cities in China with the establishment of the Tianjin branch


Develops "Marina Residence" in Myanmar


Develops "Garden View Court" in Vietnam


Participates in "Shanghai & Huacao Project" in China


Establishes Tokyo Tatemono (Shanghai) Real Estate Consulting Co., Ltd. in China


Participates in the "Binhai Project" in Tianjin and "Yangzhou Project" in Yangzhou


Participates in "Tomorrow Square Project" in Shenyang


Participates in the "Qingdao Project" in Qingdao


Establishes Tokyo Tatemono Asia Pte., Ltd. in Singapore


Participates in the "Yangzhou-Kita Project" in Yangzhou


Participates in the "Xuzhou Qiaohu Project" in Xuzhou

Participates in "Singapore CPF Project" in Singapore

Participates in the "Former Site of Yangon Military Museum Redevelopment Project" in Yangon


Participates in "Sukhumvit 26 Project" and "Sathorn 12 Project" in Thailand

Participates in the "Dharmawangsa Project" and "Loggia Project" in Indonesia


Participates in "Sukhumvit 36 Project" in Thailand