Real Estate Fund

Fund business responding to diversified needs of customers

Tokyo Tatemono Group proactively develops its real estate fund business in order to respond to various customer needs for real estate investment products.
Various real estate investment products are provided to a wide range of investors such as institutional investors, pension funds and individuals, and include management of J-REITs, real estate private funds and private REITs as well as the specified joint real estate venture product "Invest-Plus series".


We exercise to the utmost Tokyo Tatemono Group's management strengths concerning real estate. We pursue the maximization of fund value through management in line with the investment strategies of each fund.

Business Activities

Management of J-REITs

Tokyo Realty Investment Management

Tokyo Realty Investment Management aims to maximize unitholder value through the acquisition of prime properties and conducts appropriate management as an asset management company of Japan Prime Realty Investment Corporation.

Asset under management:
Olinas Tower

Japan Prime Realty Investment Corporation

Japan Prime Realty Investment Corporation was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Real Estate Investment Trust (J-REIT) Market in 2002 as the fifth J-REIT and a complex-type REIT investing in both offices and commercial properties. Since then, it has steadily expanded the asset size and accumulated stable management results.

Real Estate Private Funds and Private REITs

Tokyo Tatemono Investment Advisors

We strive to provide optimum solutions and the best investment opportunities to investors through real estate private fund and private REIT services.

Private Fund

Tokyo Tatemono Group supports real estate investment from the beginning to the end. We strive to provide advanced and specialized services to maximize the profits of our investors from their viewpoint in the three stages concerning our fund business: fund formation, fund value enhancement and investment return.

Management of Specified Joint Real Estate Venture Product

Tokyo Tatemono

We manage the real estate investment product "Invest-Plus series" under the Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures, targeting mainly office buildings.

Asset under management: Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu Building

Invest-Plus Series

The series is an asset management product through which results of rental businesses (rental profits) for investments in rental businesses, etc. of real estate owned by Tokyo Tatemono can be received as distributions.