To provide the most precious of moments

With today's diversification of lifestyles, authentic experiences are again being looked back upon. Tokyo Tatemono Group conducts its resort hotel business for operating pet-friendly hotels and other facilities, the golf course business for operating golf courses and providing related consulting services, and the bathing business for operating high-grade public baths and spas to provide the highest level of peace and relaxation to customers.


Responding to the diversifying needs of the times and providing the highest level of peace and relaxation.

We provide services unique to Tokyo Tatemono Group with rich hospitality and bring excitement, enjoyment and comfort to customers.

Business Activities

Planning, Development and Operation of Resort Hotels

Tokyo Tatemono Resort Co., Ltd.

Pet-friendly hotel Regina Dog Club

We offer moments most precious to many customers through our facilities in tune with nature and providing the highest level of peace and comfort, as well as services generating excitement with rich hospitality. In recent years, we have been responding to the various needs of customers such as by allowing pets at many accommodation facilities.

Regina Dog Club

Regina Resort is a pet-friendly resort hotel that provides owners with precious opportunities to deepen trust and get closer with their dogs. During their time at the resort, owners and pets can travel and stay together in natural settings.

Planning, Development and Operation of Bathing Facilities

Tokyo Tatemono Resort Co., Ltd.

High-grade public bath and spa, Ofuro no Osama

Tokyo Tatemono Group develops spacious open-air baths as well as "Ofuro no Osama," where customers can freely enjoy a dozen different baths and bedrock baths that offer health and beauty benefits mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We operate bathing facilities as places where families and friends can communicate and as places that support both mental and physical health.

Operation of Golf Courses

Tokyo Tatemono Resort Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Tatemono Group is proactively engaged in the management of golf courses across Japan as well as the entrustment of operation, consulting and other businesses that facilitate customers' enjoyment of golf.

Our Projects

Resort Hotel Business

Regina Resort Karuizawa Mikage Yosui (Karuizawa-cho, Nagano)

Regina Resort Karuizawa Mikage Yousui stands in a prime location facing the Mikage Yousui, a gently flowing watercourse similar to canals found in Europe. The Mikage Yousui area is the most popular area amongst dog lovers in the Karuizawa region; with many cafes and restaurants that allow entry to both dog and owner, as well as beautiful waterside trails along the Mikage Yousui itself that make ideal dog walking courses. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing and unforgettably unique time while gazing at the beautiful waters together with their beloved pets.

Bathing Facility Business

Ofuro no Osama (King of the Bath) Ooimachi Branch

This facility is located within a one-minute walk of Oimachi Station and offers wide, open-air baths, the largest bedrock baths in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and more. It also provides food, body care and other services.

Golf Course Business

Kawaguchiko Country Club (Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Yamanashi)

The golf course has 27 holes with a western turf fairway, beautifully arranged bunker and a beautiful contrast of stately woodland with Japanese red pine and larches. It is designed by Robert Von Hagge, called the "magician of light and shade." It is a golf course representative of Yamanashi Prefecture.