Real Estate Solutions

Providing optimal solutions with over a century of abundant experience and Tokyo Tatemono Group's comprehensive strengths

Tokyo Tatemono Group provides one-stop, optimal solutions by utilizing various, effective real estate utilization menus that include CRE strategy support, real estate brokerage, asset solution services and rental businesses. In real estate appraisal services that started around 1897, Tokyo Tatemono Group has carried out highly precise appraisals based on the know-how and market data accumulated over its years as a pioneer of the industry.


One-stop solutions responding to the various needs of real estate

Tokyo Tatemono Group provides one-stop responses to the various needs of real estate by utilizing its comprehensive strengths of developing various businesses such as buildings, residences, housing for the elderly, resorts, etc.

CRE strategy support provides optimal solutions from among abundant choices

Our CRE strategy is attracting more attention in recent years as a method for converting real estate that secures business continuation into management resources and for extracting potential value. Real estate owned by corporations are considered as management resources from the viewpoint of enhancing corporate value and the importance of the CRE strategy conducting strategic management and operation increases by the year.

What is CRE ?
CRE means corporate real estate owned (held or leased) by companies
What is Tokyo Tatemono Group's CRE Strategy Support ?
Leveraging the comprehensive strengths and abundant experience of Tokyo Tatemono Group, we propose a wide range of CRE strategy menus that extract to the utmost the potential value of real estate which are important assets of corporations. We contribute to the enhancement of corporate value.

Business Activities


Tokyo Tatemono
Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Sales conducts wholesale brokerage responding to real estate needs of corporate customers, retail brokerage to help with relocation of individual customers and lease brokerage (tenant brokerage) to connect building owners and tenants.

Real estate investments

Tokyo Tatemono
Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd.

Utilizing the know-how of Tokyo Tatemono Group, we develop businesses that enhance the added value and profitability of real estate and later resell them.

Property management

Tokyo Tatemono
Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd.

We shape customer assets over the medium- to long-term and develop lease management services supporting the management of rental condominiums and office buildings that support business, corporate housing management and agency services and rental guarantee system.

Real estate appraisal

Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.

As a major developer that has achieved business results in various fields, Tokyo Tatemono develops real estate appraisal services based on its evaluation know-how accumulated over the years as well as market data.

Our Projects

Effective utilization of land through equivalent exchange system (CRE strategy support)

We construct buildings and condominiums on land where customers want to conduct equivalent exchange by bearing the construction costs. Customers can acquire land and buildings equivalent to the land price out of the completed buildings, and we can form prime lease assets of customers by conducting lease management and subleasing on behalf of customers.

Enhancement of added value though renovation (Real estate investments)

We purchase used condominiums and develop specifications and facilities to match the newly constructed condominium series Brillia. Real estate is resold with added value in both buildings and services such as through highly transparent price setting, long-term, after‐sales support and lifestyle support for tenants upon occupancy.