Delivering unending "refinement" and "comfort"

Tokyo Tatemono is engaged in the business of housing for sale, focusing on the Brillia series, whose key design concepts are "refinement" and "comfort," and the housing for lease business in which it develops and operates properties mainly in central Tokyo. The underlying concept is Tokyo Tatemono Group's unique preference of "Brillia Quality" that constantly aims to achieve and maintain advanced comfort which is difficult to obtain. Our unique system of consistently providing various functions that lead to the comfortable life of customers, from planning and development to management, repair and renovation, and brokerage, supports Brillia.


Brillia series, delivering "refinement" and "comfort"

Simple, high-quality and reliable refinement of cities. Peace of mind in residences with calmness, comfort and safety. We have continuously conducted research, discussions and verification with many experts from various viewpoints of residences and life to reflect all the knowledge and experience of the company on the Brillia brand based on the above two concepts. A desire to brighten the lives of residents and the future is at the core.

Brillia's Promises

"Refined residence"…Design unending
"Refined life"…Detailed services and support backing various lifestyles
"Peaceful residence"…Performance and quality maintaining high security and reliable asset value
"Peaceful life"…Advanced security and reliable management system

We provide the unique "refinement" and "comfort" of Brillia to various elements concerning residences.

Brillia Evolving into a Total Residential Brand

Brillia, which has provided residences with invariable refined value and ever-lasting peace of mind, is further evolving. It will expand the domains of "refinement" and "comfort" highly evaluated by customers to all kinds of lifestyles and provide integrated services such as planning and development, management, repair, brokerage, renovation and life support. A long-term relationship will be built between customers and Tokyo Tatemono upon occupancy of residences by customers. The next stage of Brillia is to create a total residential brand that constantly supports the bond shared with customers.

Selected Stories

Large-scale tower residence surrounded by water and forest with approximately 17,000 m² of site area, "Brillia Towers Meguro"

Brillia Towers Meguro is an earthquake-proof twin tower residence on the high ground of Hanabusayama, located at the north side of Meguro Station. It comprises of the South Residence nestled in a quiet area surrounded by foliage and flowers sprouting charm and peace in life as well as the city-center North Residence located in front of the station. We've embodied Brillia's concepts of "refinement" and "comfort" in these towers. All condominium units scheduled for sale sold out in a period of about 4 months after the Phase 1 application period was launched in July 2015 and the residence is gathering a lot of attention as a new residence in central Tokyo.

Business Activities

Planning, Development and Sale

Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd .

In focusing on the development of Brillia, Tokyo Tatemono is engaged in the businesses of housing for sale and housing for lease.

Redevelopment Business

Tokyo Tatemono utilizes its rich experience and expertise and spares no effort in ensuring dialog with rights holders from the initial stages of a project. Through these efforts, we help establish policies for urban development.

Condominiums for Lease

Reconstruction of Condominiums

With "Brillia," the entire Tokyo Tatemono Group supports residents and their concerns from the initial stage in regard to reconstruction.

Reconstruction of Condominiums

Condominiums for Lease

"Brillia ist" is a brand of condominiums for lease presented to people who pursue a lifestyle suited to their personal liking. These dwellings offer "sophisticated" and "safe" places to live and promise a smart lifestyle in central Tokyo.

Condominiums for Lease

Brokerage and Leasing

Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Sales develops the brokerage business, including retail brokerage, helping individual customers when they change residence. We offer abundant property information in a timely manner and support everything from surveys and conclusion of contracts to follow-up services.

Management and Life Support

Tokyo Tatemono Amenity Support Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Tatemono Amenity Support Co., Ltd. develops businesses centering on management entrustment of condominiums for sale. We offer a management system emphasizing communication with management associations, a prompt and accurate accounting system and a 24-hour emergency response system operated by specialized staff. We also offer a variety of events and services to help residents interact with each other and develop pleasant communities.

Web Service

E-State Online Co., Ltd.

E-State Online offers various services from consultations on internet advertising in the real estate industry, website creation, email follow-up and customer management. In addition, we also conduct a temporary staffing business that dispatches staff as receptionists in model homes.

Tsunagu Network Communications, Inc.

Tsunagu Network Communications develops comprehensive IT solutions exclusively for condominiums, including provision of broadband internet connection services, disaster prevention measures support and formation of communities, and provision of web application services.


Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Tatemono Amenity Support Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Tatemono Amenity Support Co., provide quality unseen like in the new condominium of the Brillia series and provide safety and comfort in daily life. Both have prepared long-term, after-service warranties, including a two-year warranty on the interior and five-year warranty on facilities, and support safety in residences to maintain the quality of Brillia.

Our Projects

Brillia Tower Ikebukuro (Toshima-ku, Tokyo)

Japan's First High-Rise Condominium Integrated with the Main Government Building of Toshima-Ku.

Brillia Tower Ikebukuro represents an integral part of the vertical urban development project. This building houses the new Toshima Ward government office, commercial facilities, business offices, and private residences. Kengo Kuma, a world-renowned architect, designed the exterior and common areas. The building creates a high-quality space, and exhibits elements of natural light and greenery in its design motif.

Fulfilling the highest level in earthquake-proof planning standards

This project, which is integrated with the new Toshima Ward government office, meets the highest Class I standard of the Comprehensive Earthquake-Proof Planning Standards for Governmental Facilities stipulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. In addition, the building is equipped with emergency power generators that supply power for up to 72 hours in an emergency.


The building has a large number of solar panels, green leaves, sunshade louvers, and other elements as the functions of the panel composing EcoVeil and is contributes to reducing environmental burdens.

Brillia Tama New Town (Tama-shi, Tokyo)

Japan's Largest Condominium Redevelopment Project

To pass on to future generations assets accumulated over many years, such as a widely preserved forest and enriched, living infrastructure, we have implemented a new urban development project under the themes of co-existence, eternity, and environment.

We support the development of abundant communities

The building has a kleingarten (vegetable garden), café, dog run, study room, party room, and other facilities promoting natural interactions among residents to support the development of communities of residents.
Other available facilities include a facility for the elderly with support service, a clinic, and health square.

Latest environmental measures

By making effective use of a vast green area of approximately 6900m², we constructed a path for walking and forest bathing. We also constructed guest houses designed to look like a forest villa.
We have introduced the latest environmental measures for occupied areas, in addition to roof greening for communal buildings and solar panels for residential buildings.