Message from the President

Aiming to Become a Corporate Group Necessary to
Both Society and Customers

Founded as the Yasuda financial conglomerate in 1896 by Zenjiro Yasuda, our Group now has the fortune of celebrating its 120th anniversary in October 2016.

The foundation of business for Yasuda was a principle of "customer first" and a progressive spirit. These philosophies have become the heart of our business activities even today.

Presently, we pride ourselves on the trust we have cultivated for over a century, and we will work to create value for our customers and society through our various businesses under the corporate philosophy of "Trust beyond the era" so that we may continually contribute to building a better society in the future.

However, Japan faces various changes, such as intensifying competition between international cities, an aging society with a dwindling birthrate, medium to long-term population decline, and diversifying values. In these challenging times, we aim to provide "attractive value that brings surprise to customers" by sparking synergy and strengthening our software services through organic cooperation between various Group businesses in our medium-term business plan. Pursuing both ease of handling our hardware products and enhancement of software services are essential to respond to societal changes and overcome challenges such as an aging society with a dwindling birthrate and diversifying value bring new value to society. We are also driving the capability of each employee by accepting diverse human resources and building an environment to learn, which we believe will be the strength to create Group synergy.

The Tokyo Tatemono Group hopes to build trust with its customers and society by embodying its corporate philosophy of "Trust beyond the era” through all Group employees while growing as a "Corporate group that contributes to the society and necessary to both society and customers.” We ask for your continued support and guidance.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Hitoshi Nomura

Hitoshi Nomura