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Analysts (titles omitted)

BofA Securities Japan

Takumi Kasai

Citigroup Global Markets Japan

Masashi Miki

Daiwa Securities

Mamoru Masumiya

Goldman Sachs Japan

Sachiko Okada

Mizuho Securities

Yoshihiro Hashimoto

Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities

Toshiyuki Anegawa

Nomura Securities

Daisuke Fukushima

SMBC Nikko Securities

Jun'ichi Tazawa

UBS Securities Japan

Kazufumi Takeuchi

This list has been prepared based on the information obtained by the Company at the time of posting, using in-house standards.
Therefore, please note that there may be analysts not included in this list, the Company does not endorse or sponsor any of the listed analysts, and all information may not be up-to-date.

This list is intended to provide investors with information about the analysts who analyze and forecast the Company's performance and their organizations, and is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell Company shares.

The analysts analyze the Company's performance and business and forecast the Company's performance based on their own judgment. The Company is not involved in any of these processes. In addition, the Company does not support or guarantee the forecasts, opinions, or recommendations of these analysts.
Make investment decisions at your own discretion and responsibility.

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