Corporate History

1896 - 1920
A pioneer of modern real estate


Tokyo Tatemono is established (Established by Zenjiro Yasuda)

Starts real estate sales and purchases through installment sales that were the original form of residential loans
Commercializes residential construction and real estate sales of residences which had relied only on personal financing for the first time as a corporate organization

left:Head office upon founding
right:Established by Yasuda Conglomerate Founder Zenjiro Yasuda

Opens Yokohama Branch


Opens Tianjin Branch in China
Starts businesses such as management and operation of residences and office buildings

Tianjin Branch


Listed on the former Tokyo Stock Exchange

1921 - 1945
From earthquake restoration to the end of WWII


Begins sales of land for residence (Sekiguchidaimachi)


Completes Tokyo Tatemono Building

left:Exterior of Tokyo Tatemono Building
right:Entrance of Tokyo Tatemono Building


Starts sales of villas in Yugawara
Begins history as a comprehensive real estate company

Merges with Manshu Kogyo Co., Ltd. through absorption-type merger


Designated as restricted company affiliated with Yasuda Hozen-sha

1946 - 1978
Growth into a general real estate company


Opens Osaka Service Office (current Kansai Branch)


Designation as a restricted company removed

Listed again on the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Obtains building lots and buildings transaction business license


Establishes building management company, Tokyo Real Estate Management Co., Ltd.


Completes extensions and renovations at head office building of Tokyo Tatemono
Formalizes office buildings business after the war


Establishes facility management company, Tokyo Real Estate Cleaning Co., Ltd.

(current Tokyo Building Service Co., Ltd.)


Establishes housing management company, Totate Shoji Co., Ltd

(current Tokyo Tatemono Amenity Support Co., Ltd.)

Completes Shinjuku Building


Starts residential land development in Nakagawara, Fuchu City
Formalizes residence business after the war


Completes Yokohama Station West Exit Building, a pioneer for buildings with sectional ownership

Opens Shinjuku Service Office


Registered as a real-estate appraiser

Appraisal ledger and various tools


Establishes new Totate residence loan linked with financial institutions


Starts sales of condominiums in Fujisawa City


Obtains approval for special construction business

1979 -1995
Era of enlargement and differentiation


Completes Shinjuku Center Building, a major foothold of development in a subcenter of Shinjuku.


Establishes real estate sales company, Totate Housing Services Co., Ltd.

(current Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd.)


Establishes building management company, Kyodo Building Management Co., Ltd.

(current Tokyo Tatemono Investment Advisors Co., Ltd.)


Completes Osaki New City, an area redevelopment project around the east exit of Osaki Station

Establishes resort management and operating company, Kawaguchiko Resort Development Co., Ltd.

(current Tokyo Tatemono Resort Co., Ltd.)

Completes Tokyo Tatemono Sapporo Building; opens Sapporo Service Office (current Sapporo Branch)


Opens Hotel Regina Kawaguchiko


Acquires all shares of Nagai Compound Co., Ltd.; changes trade name to Totate International Bldg. Co., Ltd.

(absorbed through the merger with current Tokyo Tatemono Resort Co., Ltd.)


Announces "Veil" condominium series


Establishes building renovation company, Tokyo Tatemono Techno-Build Co., Ltd.

(absorbed through the absorption-type company split to current Tokyo Tatemono Amenity Support Co., Ltd. and an absorption-type merger with Tokyo Real Estate Management Co., Ltd.

Acquires Osaki New City No. 3 building (the Nissei Building)


Begins sales of Hatoriko Highland Regina Forest villas

Begins sales of single-family house "Veil Court" series

1996 - 2005 
Approaching 100 years as a business


Establishes resort operating and management company, Hatoriko Highland Regina Forest Co., Ltd.

(dissolved through merger with current Tokyo Tatemono Resort Co., Ltd.)

Establishes company for planning and selling small-lot real estate products, Tokyo Tatemono Property Management Co., Ltd.

(current Tokyo Tatemono Fund Management Co., Ltd.)

Begins sales of condominiums with fixed-term leasehold ("Plan-Veil EX")

Celebrates 100th anniversary

Introduces corporate philosophy and symbol


Begins business of real estate syndication


Acquires Shin-Gofukubashi Building

Completes Yokohama First Building

Establishes company operating high-grade public baths and spas, Hotness Co., Ltd.

(absorbed through the merger with current Tokyo Tatemono Resort Co., Ltd.)

Obtains first registration in Japan for the SPC Act*

*Current Act on Securitization of Assets


Releases first package-type product in Japan as a real estate syndication business

Obtains credit rating for first registered real estate securities product based on Japan's Special Purpose Company (SPC) Act, and issues securities


Establishes internet-based real estate services provider, E-State Online Co., Ltd.

Invests in high-speed internet service company, Tsunagu Network Communications, Inc.


Opens Fukuoka Service Office (current Kyushu Branch)

Tokyo Tatemono Group's J-REIT
Listed Japan Prime Realty Investment Corporation on the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Unifies condominium brands into "Brillia"


Unifies detached house brands into "Brillia Terrace"

Establishes golf course operating company, J-Golf Co., Ltd.

(absorbed through the merger with current Tokyo Tatemono Resort Co., Ltd.)


Opens Nagoya Branch

Establishes Prime Place Co., Ltd.

Urban development connected to the future


Completes Olinas, a commercial facility

Completes VIORO, a commercial facility in Fukuoka

Establishes Tokyo Tatemono (Shanghai) Real Estate Consulting Co., Ltd.


Completes Kasumigaseki Common Gate* that introduced PFI for the first time in the urban development field

*One of the Central Government Building No. 7 Projects

Establishes Tokyo Tatemono Investment Advisors Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd. is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Completes Nagoya Prime Central Project

Completes Tokyo Tatemono Sendai Building

Opens Grapes Asakusa
Enters Senior Business


Joins Nihon Parking Corporation Group
Enters Parking Lot Business


Proposes a new green work style
Completes Nakano Central Park


Completes Tokyo Square Garden as environmentally-friendly building at the highest level of standards in Japan

Completes Brillia Tama New Town, the largest subdivided condominium reconstruction in Japan

Tokyo Real Estate Management Co., Ltd. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary


Establishes Tokyo Tatemono Asia Pte. Ltd.

Kokochiyu Co., Ltd., a company engaging in the bathing business, joins Tokyo Tatemono Group

Realizing revitalization of urban areas and nature
Completes Otemachi Tower


Completes Brillia Tower Ikebukuro, Japan’s first high-rise condominium integrated with a main government building

Decides on Yaesu 1-Chome East District Redevelopment plan in front of Tokyo Station

Integrates golf course operator J-Golf Co., Ltd. and bathing business operator Hotness Co., Ltd. into Tokyo Tatemono Resort Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary


Merges with Tokyo Tatemono Fund Management Co., Ltd. through absorption-type merger

Establishes Tokyo Tatemono Kids
Enters Child Care Business


Converted Care Like Co., Ltd. (currently Tokyo Tatemono Staffing Co., Ltd.) into a wholly owned subsidiary.

Opened the first “+ Ours (Plus Ours)” shared office facility.

Unified brands for rental condominiums into the “Brillia ist”


Opened the “x Bridge – Tokyo (Cross Bridge Tokyo)” start-up support facility in the headquarters building of Tokyo Tatemono.