Message from the President and CEO

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support of the Tokyo Tatemono Group.

Established in 1896 by Zenjiro Yasuda, the founder of the former Yasuda financial conglomerate, the Tokyo Tatemono Group has the longest history of business achievement in Japan as a comprehensive real estate company. Since our founding, we have engaged in various real estate development businesses on a foundation of Zenjiro Yasuda’s principles of "the customer always comes first" and "enterprising spirits" through which we anticipate the trends of the times, while also contributing to greater appeal and value in a broad range of communities, developing new assets that capture the needs of the time, and offering various real estate development services.

In recent years, we have launched many projects that leverage Group synergy in a variety of fields. To continue and drive this trend toward even greater and sustainable growth, we announced "Becoming a Next-Generation Developer" as a long-term vision looking ahead to around the year 2030. A new five-year medium-term business plan drafted to run from 2020 to 2024 was formulated and launched to realized this vision.

Immediately after launching our long-term vision and new medium-term business plan, we confronted many challenges that drastically changed our daily lives from the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic to climate change, natural disasters, and fierce economic competitiveness throughout the globe. I strongly feel that this means we must engage in business with a completely new mentality. The Tokyo Tatemono Group will aim to achieve both solving these social issues and growing as a corporate enterprise in a whole new level. In doing so, we will aim to be reborn as a corporate group that has a "next-generation" perspective with a flexibility to adapt to any situation.

As exemplified by our corporate philosophy of "Trust beyond the era", the Tokyo Tatemono Group will value the trust it has earned up until now and continue be an organization that is trusted by society for centuries to come as well as being highly valued by all our stakeholders. We ask for your continued support and guidance.

Hitoshi Nomura