Leading the way as a next-generation developer by using the personal strength of employees as the strength of the Company

Established in 1896 by Zenjiro Yasuda, the founder of the former Yasuda Financial Conglomerate, the Tokyo Tatemono Group has the longest history of business achievement in Japan as a general real estate company. Since our founding, the Group has engaged in various real estate development businesses on a foundation of Zenjiro Yasuda's principles of "The customer always comes first" and "Enterprising Spirit" through which we anticipate the trends of the times while also contributing to greater appeal and value in a broad range of communities and developing new assets that capture the needs of the times.

Our long-term vision looking ahead to around the year 2030 is "Becoming a Next-Generation Developer," and to realize this, we formulated a medium-term business plan for fiscal 2020 to 2024. As various risks emerge amid post-pandemic uncertainties and global economic turbulence, the focus on the sustainability areas of climate change and resilience is becoming increasingly important. The Tokyo Tatemono Group will further accelerate its efforts to achieve a balance between solutions to social issues and corporate growth.

In fiscal 2025, we will complete the Yaesu Project, a large-scale redevelopment project that includes the site of the former head office building in the Yaesu-Nihonbashi-Kyobashi area in front of Tokyo Station, where the Company has had its head office since its establishment. We recognize that community development is required after the completion of the building, and with the help of the local community, we will work to enhance the appeal of this area, which is our hometown.
In addition, one materiality of Tokyo Tatemono is to strengthen Tokyo's competitiveness as an international city, and achieving this first is essential to developing the country. We are working to promote large-scale redevelopment projects in various areas around Tokyo, and we will demonstrate our true value as a developer by providing appealing urban infrastructure and services that contribute to the continued growth of Tokyo as an international city while maintaining close relationships with the local community and passing on tradition and culture to the next generation.

The key to continuing our business as a developer is the personal strength of our employees. It is important for each employee to be thorough in everything they do and continue to consider and take action to gain the trust of our customers and the community, and by bringing together employees with personal strength, the Company will gain strength and realize results.

As exemplified by our corporate philosophy of "Trust beyond the era," we will value the trust it has earned up until now and continue to be an organization that is trusted by society for centuries to come as well as being highly valued by all our stakeholders. We hope you will look forward to our efforts to "Become a Next-generation Developer."

Representative Director
President and CEO

Hitoshi Nomura
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